Tuesday, 30 November 2010

ragamuffin loves...personal shopping!

Well...all that heavy snow has taken us quite by surprise! If you are having trouble reaching us but would like to buy a gift for your nearest and dearest, give us a call! We can make helpful suggestions, select something fabulous, wrap it and post it out!

Call the Edinburgh shop on: 0131 557 6007
Call the Isle of Skye store on: 01471 844 217

We are like Santa's little helpers!

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

ragamuffin loves...our customers

This is Nicola and her husband, some of our customers, enjoying our christmas party. As you can see Nicola is expertly modeling her previous purchases from ragamuffin.

ragamuffin loves... christmas trees and decorations

Heres the skye shop all decorated for our christmas party. You can almost hear the sleigh bells outside.

Friday, 19 November 2010

ragamuffin loves...winter visiters

isn't he so cute! we think he was trying to get a sneak preview of the skye shop before our christmas party tomorrow. cheeky.

ragamuffin loves...our own efforts - part 3

yeh! santa has finally been joined by some chums.

ragamuffin loves...our own efforts - part 2

We too are feeling pleased with our crafting here in Edinburgh and have (rather ambitiously) attempted the whole nativity in tweed! Here are a couple of pics of the pieces so far...

The whole thing has gone on display in the shop window on the Royal Mile today and we will post a pic when we manage to take a good one!

ragamuffin loves...our own efforts - part 1

We are feeling very pleased with ourselves on the Isle of Skye after making a lovely, tweedy Santa! Reindeer and elves to follow shortly!

ragamuffin loves...Christmas competitions!

Ok, it is now nearing the end of November so we think we can safely mention the dreaded "C" word! Given that the tweed competition in summer was such a success we thought we'd do it all again but with a festive theme so...

* Buy some more of our gorgeous Shetland tweed (once again all proceeds go to charity)

*Make a fabulous CHRISTMAS themed item

*Take a photo of it

*Email it to us: ragamuffin@madasafish.com

*Most creative items win prizes!

We can't wait to see your creations - the competition launches today and last date for entries is Christmas eve. Good luck and happy crafting!

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

ragamuffin loves...sleat!

Who wouldn't want to visit Sleat - the garden of Skye! We are there for starters and it is so beautiful! If you fancy visiting have a look at www.visitsleat.org first. It is a great website that tells you everything you'd need to know about the area. Hope to see you soon!