Monday, 14 May 2012

ragamuffin loves...getting creative!

One of our very favourite activities at ragamuffin is creating the gorgeous displays that adorn the two shops! Every member of staff - from the longest serving to our very newest team member - has input into our colourful combinations!
We love to use colour in a creative way and put unusual colours together - sometimes clashing sometimes toning. Visitors to the shop always admire our displays - some liken them to gallery installations which makes us beam!
It is such a useful way to highlight our layering of clothes to achieve the popular "lagenlook", and a fantastic way to draw attention to all of our wonderful scarves, corsages and hats!
Just when we thought we'd used every colour combination imaginable, someone creates a fab new combo...grey, purple and natural is cool and sophisticated! We love to use texture and pattern to create interest - here fabrics range from heavy linen to gauzy silk, using fabrics in polkadots, stripes, checks and plain - throw on a floral scarf and we have some truly unique outfits!
We always offer a few well chosen gifts - these lovely long-legged coos and sheepy kitchenalia look cute atop our rails! The trick at ragamuffin is to keep looking up - you never know what you'll spot!
We are always delighted to put together unique outfits for our customers - just let us know if you want us to turn you into a walking work of art!

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  1. Just came back from our trip . I absolutely fell in love with Raggamuffin (would you believe we have a cat who is partly of the Raggamuffin breed. I dislike everything in my cupboard. I love your look. As I am a potter, I am told my dress-style is very creative.
    Thank you for giving me a taste of your "off the wall" styles.
    Sue-Ann Rowat, Burlington, Ontario Canada