Saturday, 15 September 2012

Ragamuffin loves...being so busy we forget to post!

Hello all! It has been an age since we last posted (well two months) and we have had so many deliveries, lovely customers old and new, the Edinburgh Festival and Fringe, a fabulously hot and sunny summer on Skye, new members of staff  in both shops and a new arrival for Tanya on Skye (a beautiful baby girl Maia) that we just have not had time to sit down and write a post!

                                                                Brand new from Flax!

So what has been happening? New collections from all of your favourites: Flax, Terry Macey, Yaccomaricard, Elemente Clemente, Two Danes, Out of Xile...and the list goes on! Hundereds of gorgeous new scarves and textiles, hats and gloves and the newest cuddlies from Jellycat. Lesley has had time in the studio and we've had a steady supply of our own Angels Don't Trudge jackets this year; whilst Karoline and the girls in Edinburgh have been busy making crazy sheep and highland cows and Finlay on Skye has been leading the corsage charge up there!

                                                          So many lovely new scarves!

We have been "tweeting" lots, so if you are that way inclined join us either @ragamuffinedin or @ragamuffinskye for the latest news on all things ragamuffin! We are also on Facebook and love the chance to interract with you all - search for "ragamuffin clothes and knitwear" (if you take the trouble to "like" us we'll give you our downloadable guide to layering absolutely free - very handy now it's getting chilly!)
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                                                              Our virtual guide to layering!

Expect a proper post with lovely pictures in the next week or so. Please pop in if you are in Edinburgh or on Skye - we've got lots to show you!