Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Well husbands if you don't feel like joining your wives while they shop here at ragamuffin, we do have a range of mens clothing too, here are our top 4 ideas to entertain yourself in Armadale.

1. Why not enjoy a lovely coffee or a cold drink, if the day is as beautiful as it is today, while reading the paper at The Shed cafe just opposite ragamuffin.

2. Seafari shop at the end of the pier sells fishing gear, so why not pop in and try a spot of fishing of the pier. http://www.seafari.co.uk/

3. You could pop in and see grumpy george and his parrots and have a chat with them about photography.

4. Heart of Highland Leather also at the end of the pier for a browse. He can do alterations to belts etc while you wait. http://www.heartofhighlandleather.co.uk/

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