Wednesday, 15 September 2010

ragamuffin who knit!

We were so happy to get a competition entrant (and indeed winner) of the male variety and it got us thinking about men and knitting...we came across a fantastic online community called Men Who Knit and, through them, found this amazing book - The Manly Art of Knitting! What could be more macho than a knitting cowboy? A knitting worker...biker...
Find out more at:


  1. what an awesome book cover - and also [reading a review of the book online] how interesting that knitting was a male past time originally [or at least, not mostly a female past time].
    This please edric.

  2. I know, it is interesting that knitting is now a mostly female pursuit as in the Scottish Highlands and islands it would have been the menfolk who knitted. I also spied a couple of men knitting in the Filmhouse cafe bar recently so I think it is becoming popular for men again! Quite right too!