Monday, 14 November 2011

ragamuffin loves...layering!

One of our key looks here at ragamuffin is layering, and one of our most f.a.q's is "how do you do that without looking like a big marshmallow?!" Well, fear not! You'll be delighted to know it's pretty straightforward. Keep light, long and lean garments underneath, and add shorter, chunkier layers on top creating height. Never shy of going for it, we say there's even space on the top for a cosy coat or a long cardi still keeping everything in perfect proportion. If you're worried about creating too much bulk, you can employ the clever use of a belt over the lower layers.

We're keen on a nice mid-layer tunic or shorter length dress, which you can pinch from your summer wardrobe and warm up with leggings and boots, a neat trouser, or even a flirty underskirt, then compliment with a cheeky knit or jacket and some bright and cosy accessories. Why leap into dull colours as soon as the sky turns grey? Play with gorgeous contrasting colours and textures and you're well on your way to effortless layering.

Here at ragamuffin we LOVE this look, so if you have a special piece in your wardrobe and you'd like some layering advice from our staff, just pop in and we're happy to help you layer to suit your style and body shape, but in the meantime, our advice is: have fun and give it a go!!

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