Friday, 17 February 2012

ragamuffin loves...a bit of sunshine!

At last a sunny day on Skye! It's been gloomy for a few weeks now but yesterday's blue skies were the perfect backdrop to take some snaps of the new additions to our jellycat family! We have the fabulous Orla Ostrich - every bit the glamourpuss with her long eye lashes (real of course!)

The oh-so-sweet Fuddle-wuddle Pup - he is so soft and looks a bit forlorn but he's really quite a happy chap! Also, back by popular demand...

It's Matilda Hen! She comes Mum sized as pictured or baby sized. We are convinced she's always up to something - she has a wicked glint in her eye! We have lots of other jolly Jellycats in stock - they were just feeling a tad camera shy yesterday!

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