Friday, 2 March 2012

ragamuffin loves...scarves!!!

We are all happy to admit to being complete and utter scarf-a-holics here at ragamuffin! Just when you thought you had more than enough, another delivery comes in and you just have to have one! We know many of our customers are just as addicted, "Don't let me go home with another scarf", they cry, "I have so many, I don't need any more!", they protest, whilst merrily trying them all on! Scarves are just too tempting - they can change an outfit, add a splash of colour or a touch of sophistication all whilst keeping the chill off!

See anything you like? Drop us an email for more details!

We are often asked the best way to tie a scarf so keep your eyes peeled for our scarf tutorial which we will hopefully be posting very soon!

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