Friday, 27 April 2012

ragamuffin loves...receiving gifts!

Well, who doesn't like to receive a lovely present from someone dear? On and around the Royal Mile you'll find plenty of inspiration...

1. Present - the name says it all really! A great shop that describes its self as "a wee bit vintage and a wee bit rock'n'roll!" You'll find a great selection of goodies including jewellery, homewares, cards & wrap along with owner Kiaz and her trusty companion, Bunty the dog! On St. Mary's Street.

2. Rene Walrus - the place to go for all things sparkly and Swarowski! Beautiful necklaces, bracelets and tiaras to delight any glam gal! On St. Mary's Street.

3. Lickety Splits - a cute little retro sweet shop where you can find old favourites from the past like Cremola Foam (now called Kakatoa Foam!) , Chelsea Woppers and Space Dust along with American delights like Tootsie Rolls! Yum! On Jeffrey Street

4. The Camera Obscura shop - a fabulous museum gift shop that sells lots of interesting scientific themed gifts and fun items for little kids and big kids! Worth a look if you need an off the wall pressie. Right by the Castle

5. Robert Graham Treasurer 1874 - selling tobacco, spirits and fine chocolates and great if you need a classy little gift for those who like the finer things in life! On the Canongate, they have a very good selection of lovely chocs in very nice packaging...we'd be delighted to receive some...

Again there are so many more places we could have recommended...Focus for great skate/ streetwear, Childhood museum shop, Pebbles jewellery, Tribal Tatoo (the very adventurous might love a gift voucher!)

We've loved sharing our favourite places on the mile - there will be one more top five tomorrow, but this time it's all about us!!!

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